Bottles @ LAS 2022

On April 30th we conducted our talk at the Linux App Summit 2022, an event that brings together developers, users and enthusiasts of the Linux world, to learn, collaborate and grow all together.

Among all the magnificent and interesting talks that were conducted by the guests present, our first was also held about Bottles and its future.

The talk was conducted by Pietro di Caprio (Software engineer) and Francesco Masala (IT Specialist).

Topics covered

In our 40-minute talk we talked about the past, present and future, a 360° overview of the project.

  1. What is Bottles
  2. What is Wine
  3. How “common” prefix managers work
  4. How Bottles works
  5. The Wine problem
  6. Bottles’ solution aka Layers
  7. Future plans
    • Our contribution to game developers
    • Bottles’ AppDB
  8. Questions

Did you miss it?

If you were unable to attend the event for any reason or if you just want to see it again, we leave you the full video below.

Special thanks to everyone who supported us during the event.

_ Bottles Team

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