Bottles is a free software project. You can support its development by leaving a small donation.

How to donate

Here are the official channels from which you can donate to Bottles Developers.

Our plans for Bottles

We have several plans for Bottles' future, many features that take time and money to come true.

  • Library mode

    Already implemented as an experimental feature, this feature allow you to add any program from any bottle in a library view for easy access. We want to allow the user to launch Bottles in library mode only, for gaming purposes like on Steam Deck.

  • Per-bottle sandbox

    Already implemented as an experimental feature, this feature is a wrapper around bubblewrap an flatpak-spawn to make a sandbox per-bottle, allowing the user to limit permissions..

  • Layered bottles

    This is our solution for multiple environments in one bottle. This is currently a concept, but we are working on it.

  • Installers

    Now implemented!

    This is a feature in early development. It is an automated Windows software installation system based on a community driven repository and itis already available as an experimental feature in Bottles. Even if it already works, it still requires some work before reaching a stable release.

  • Dependencies manager

    Now implemented!

    This is the most important feature of Bottles. It is a dependency manager based on a community driven repository, that replace winetricks in Bottles and allows you to install software dependencies in a simple way. It is already available as a stable feature but it still in active development.

Bottles is (today) a project driven by the effort of a small developer team and the support of a magnificent community!

Thanks to them who made a donation or became our GitHub sponsor 💖!

- Thanks from the Bottles Developers.

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