Bottles 2 stable release is now available

Bottles is a project born in 2017 as a personal need and experiment. I needed to manage multiple Wine prefixes quickly and easily. At the time there were already many Wine prefix managers out in the wild, but I wasn’t comfortable with any of them.

In 2017, I was using elementaryOS as my main distribution, and with the arrival of AppCenter I wanted to publish an application on the new store. For this reason, I decided to create Bottles, my first Python + GTK + Granite application to be published in the elementaryOS’s AppCenter. A lot of work has been done since then, with other people that decided to join the project: they started to collaborate to improve Bottles, making it a mature and feature-rich program. Bottles from release 0.8 to From version 0.8 to version, Bottles’ code has been rewritten from scratch. In the image above you can see the evolution.


Bottles has a lot of features. Let’s see below the main ones, shall we?

  • Create bottles (Wine prefixes) based on pre-configured environments, to achieve greater software compatibility
  • Create your own custom environment to experiment and test software
  • Run Windows executables in your bottles from the context menu of your File manager
  • Bottles remembers the arguments you use to run a program
  • Custom runners (Wine and Proton) and on-the-fly switch between versions
  • Integrated support for DXVK
  • DLL overrides without using winecfg
  • Bottle tweaking with support to: esync, fsync, cache, ACO shaders compiler, offload, etc.
  • Bottles will check the integrity of the bottles and repair them if they’re broken
  • Winetricks has been replaced by our integrated dependency manager based on a community-driven repository
  • Bottles will find the programs you install in the bottle and will propose them to you on the Programs page
  • Integrated Task manager for Wine processes
  • Easy access to ProtonDB and WineHQ for support
  • Configurations update system across Bottles versions
  • Bottles backup (export/import)
  • Import Wine prefixes from Bottles v1 and other managers
  • Bottle versioning (experimental) allows you to save the state of a bottle to restore it later
  • …and much more that you can find by installing Bottles!


Here comes the big news, Bottles v2 is available in many package formats. Officially we distribute our software as AppImage or Flatpak from Flathub. However, other users who believe in the project have decided to provide and maintain packages for various distributions:

If you are interested, you can help us to package Bottles for your favorite distribution!

Bug & Feature request

This is a community-driven project, we want to know your opinion, know what the problems are and what are the features you want to see on Bottles.

See you in the GitHub Issues!

Do you like Bottles?

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Need support?

Reach us through the official Forums , via GitHub issues or send us a Tweet.

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