Release day 2021.8.14

today is

Release Day!

It’s Release Day again! Over the past few weeks we’ve been working hard on bug fixes, improvements, and new features.

This is a substantial update that aims to improve stability and performance in Bottles, as well as extend its support with new dependencies, runners and features. But let’s get into the details.


The most noticable news you can see, is in the bottle creation view. We have removed the colors from Environments, since they can be understood as more or less important and therefore confusing to the user.

bottle creation view

32-bit bottles

We have also added support for 32-bit bottles. This means that you can now create 32-bit Windows prefixes. To do this, you need to select 32-bit in the architecture dropdown. Currently it is only supported by the Custom environment.

bottle creation 32-bit

Be sure to use 32-bit prefixes only if strictly necessary. Most Windows software and games run on 64-bit prefixes.

This feature is currently not supported with the Snap package.

Working directory

Now you can set the working directory for your bottle. This is especially useful when you want to run programs in your bottles, pointing to a different directory.

If not set, Bottles will use the directory of the bottle as the working directory. Also, if a program failes to start, Bottles will try to run it using its path as the working directory. This can help if the program does not find its files or some dlls.

Similar issues

Now, when the Crash Report appears, it will show you similar reports before permiting to send a new one to us.

similar issues

Clone bottles

We added a new feature that allows you to clone your bottles. This is useful when you want to create with the same preferences, dependencies and software of another one.

This can also be used to create bottles templates. So you can create a new bottle and tweak it to your needs. Then you can create a new bottle based on this template, just by clicking on the “Clone” button in the bottle details.

Wayland support

We have added support for Wayland through XWayland. This means that you can now start Bottles in Wayland, while applications run by runners, will use XWayland.

Currently, this is not supported by the AppImage, we are working on this.

Less permissions = more safety

We have reduced the amount of permissions required to run Bottles through the flatpak package. You can still run an executable from any directory, because Bottles is using portals for the FileChooser.

Programs launched by the runner, may still require more permissions. You can expose some directories to Bottles, so that programs can access them. Read more about this in the documentation.

All other changes

There are a lot of other changes and improvements in this release. Below are other noteworthy ones, for all the others, refer to the GiHub organization.

  • Toggle the last Update date in the bottles list
  • Now a visual feedback is provided when a download fail the checksum validation
  • Now the user can only install one dependency per time to avoid conflicts
  • The Bottles version is now provided in the Crash report
  • Fixed a bug in the detection of broken bottles
  • Fixed a bug that was causing a File Not Found error with broken download
  • Fixed a bug that makes Bottles crash when the user goes offline during a download
  • Same as the above but this handle downloads with wrong sizes than the source
  • Fixed the File Manager integration in Flatpak
  • Fixed a bug that makes Bottles crash when fail in name resolution during a download
  • Fixed a bug in temp directory clean up
  • Fixed a bug that makes Bottles crash when the Update Date is not set in the bottle
  • Fixed a bug in bottle configuration upgrade that was causing a loop
  • Hungarian translations thanks to @ovari, @zoli111
  • Chinese (Simplified) translations thanks to Flywater Zh, @sr093906, @Yuzaihhhh
  • Croatian translations thanks to @milotype
  • Spanish translations thanks to @kenpb, @oscfdezdz, @fitojb, @Lvaskz
  • Japanese translations thanks to @jatin-cbs
  • Frech translations thanks to J. Lavoie, SCOTT-HAMILTON, @julroy67, @yannicka, K. Herbert
  • Italian translations thanks to @blackcat-917
  • German translations thanks to @bloomvdomino, @thericosanto
  • Portuguese translations thanks to @laralem, @SantosSI, Pão com omlet, @hugok79
  • Norwegian Bokmål translations thanks to @comradekingu
  • Portuguese (Brazil) translations thanks to @farribeiro
  • Arabic translations thanks to @luxmaroc
  • Finnish translations thanks to @Ricky-Tigg
  • Czech translations thanks to @panmourovaty
  • Polish translations thanks to Krzysztof Marcinek

There are also a lot of new dependencies and a first concept for the installers guide-lines.

I would like to thank the new users who joined the development of Bottles. Thank you very much.

~ Bottles’ Developers

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