today is

Release Day!

It’s Release Day again!

Two more weeks of work have been done and it’s time to celebrate another release day!

This release brings performance/UI improvements and bug fixes.


Ok now let’s get to the point. What’s new in this version?

Common Names

Wine and all the technologies that revolve around it (such as DXVK, VKD3D, LatencyFleX, etc ..) have always been full of complex terms and almost unattainable by less experienced users, who tend to use them leaving a bit of mystery and without wondering what they really are. .

With this update we have changed the internal terminology, aiming to explain what these are instead of dropping terms in the UI in the hope that people will understand them. The bottle preferences now use more generic and explanatory names, so that the user is introduced to a small summary of what that setting is going to do when turned on or off.

For example DXVK has been renamed to “Direct3D 9/10/11 Compatibility”, suggesting that enabling it will add compatibility to the software that needs this.

PulseAudio Latency Switcher Deprecation

Latency is a concept found in sound processing that indicates the short period of delay between when an audio signal enters a system and when it emerges. The lower the latency is, the more responsive sounds appear.

We used to provide an option to reduce latency through PulseAudio. This option is now activated by default and the switcher removed from the user interface, suggesting to the user that it is a new default optimization. The option can still be tweaked by the user setting the PULSEAUDIO_LATENCY_MSEC environment variable to a different value (60 by default) in the Bottle preferences.

All other changes

There are many other changes and improvements in this release. Below are some noteworthy ones, for all others, please refer to the GitHub organization.

  • The PulseAudio Latency setting is now deprecated and enabled by default
  • Add portal support for setting custom Bottles path thanks to @fries1234
  • Preferences now uses Generic names for better understanding
  • Improved Gamescope support
  • General improvements
  • Fix components mismatch on switching bottle
  • Fix unsafe access to the program “dict” keys
  • Fix unreachable newly-added programs
  • Fix for XDG_* vars being read by the runner even when not applicable
  • Fix charset error parsing acf files
  • Fix bottles list not being updated when removing a bottle
  • Fix empty secion in the Run Executable menu
  • French translations thanks to Thibaut Colin, @jay-tau
  • Dutch translations thanks to @flipflop97
  • Turkish translations thanks to @Zayria
  • Croatian translations thanks to @milotype
  • Bulgarian translations thanks to @RacerBG
  • Russian translations thanks to @lenemter
  • Bengali translations thanks to Anubis
  • Catalan translations thanks to @rogervc

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